A Little Love Goes A Long Way

"You always gain by giving love."

 Reese Witherspoon


Happy Valentine's Day!

It's time to celebrate love, to appreciate the people around us and all that we have. On a day like this, we hope you get to spend it with your loved ones and, while you do, there are also some simple ways you can both enjoy your time with your special someones while showing the planet a little love along the way.

A pretty easy way to do this is to make sure you clean up after yourselves wherever you spend your day. As the saying goes, "Take only memories, leave only footprints", and this just means that wherever you go, whether it's for a stroll in the park or a day trip into the city, you make sure that you take your waste with you or at least dispose of it properly. This way, our environment is not polluted, animals aren't put in danger from possibly ingesting it, and we all get to enjoy a cleaner, greener world.

On the topic of adventuring, experiences made and enjoyed together can also be better for our planet. For once, you would most likely be carpooling or travelling by public transport. This can save a lot of carbon emissions than if one person were to travel in a car by themselves. So the more time spent travelling together, the better.

One a second note, why not take that a step further in a greener direction and choose to spend your day out in nature, away from electronics and other energy-consuming appliances. It's no secret that we at Sui are nature lovers and constantly try to express that through our garments. It's our wish that we encourage as many of you as we can to express your love for our Earth with the products you choose, wearing your green heart on your sleeve. Here are some of our own favourites:

  • Inspired by our travels to Byron Bay, Australia, is our 'Flow' collection. Notably, the Cape Byron lighthouse influenced the embroidery we created for The Cape top (middle) and The Lighthouse dress (right).

  • From the same collection, we were enamoured by the beautiful vistas on Australia's coast and it shows through pieces like our By The Dusk dress that displays one of the many sunsets we got to witness.

  • From our summer 2019 edit, 'Granita', are our pieces inspired by the Italian Coast. The Dal Porto top (left) and Limone dress (middle) especially expressed our love for the sweet granita lemon slushie that refreshed us as we spent our time by the beach.

  • Always in awe of a beautiful sunset or sunrise, here we have another piece from 'Granita' that drew inspiration from its hues is our Del Mare dress.

And so, let the forest and trees be a temporary home away from home on this day while you step out in consciously crafted clothing. This way the energy that would be used if you were at home, like your lights, your radiators, your microwaves and whatever else, gets a nice daybreak.

But, of course, you do not necessarily have to get out to be green. There are plenty of activities you can do at home that can also help you love our planet. You could, for example, do a little gardening. Our Earth can always do with more trees, flowers, and herbs, so why not plant one or two or more!

As you enjoy your day indoors, share a meal together and try something new. If you're a regular meat-eater, give a vegetable-based meal a go and invite family and friends to try it out. And if you're vegetarian anyway, try cooking up something vegan.

And finally, what better way to show your appreciation to those you love than with a gift from the heart. Something handmade with care like a card filled with your own heartfelt words will mean much more than a generic, mass-produced one. And we would also encourage, of course, that is you do buy a gift, to choose consciously. Seek to gift products like our own that are sustainably created using various consciously produced or organic materials, actively make sure to provide ethical workplaces for those crafting them as well as champion slow, handcrafting methods.

Amongst our collections, our picks would be our accessories from 'An Upcycled Story', all made from waste fabrics to ensure we make the most of what we already have. From belts to earrings and headbands, each piece is crafted by our own Sui threadspeller team who lend their detailed eyes and skilled hands to making sure every nature-inspired detail is created with care.

Seen here: Sole earringsDusky Days earringsFiori Felici belt (that can also be used as a headband); The Leafy bookmark.

Have a wonderful day and we hope you spend your day filled with green heart, surrounded by your favourite people, appreciating them and the planet we all love so much.

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