Building Blocks with Basic-ally Sui 2.0

"When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do."

― Pam Shoemaker


If you are in Singapore right now, you may be concerned with climate change. Though Singapore is not a big country, each person produces more carbon emissions than their counterparts in much bigger countries such as Britain, Switzerland, or France. If you are in Malaysia, you may be disturbed with haze, and a mask may have become part of a wardrobe essential. If you are in India, overpopulation may be your biggest concern as you know every environmental, social and economic issue is inflated by this. These are just a few issues. It's evident we are facing severe climate hazards like pollution, global warming, deforestation, acid rain, and waste disposal daily.

When thinking about our clothing, clothes can take up to 40 years to decompose. When we dispose of our clothes, it leaves a lot of harmful effects on the environment. Most fabrics are made with dyes and chemicals that contaminate our soil and water.

However, It is also true that 95% of textiles can be recycled. This means there is an alternative to landfill waste. Textiles can be repurposed into multiple things, and when you choose to recycle your clothes imagine the environmental difference you can make.


Keeping environmental issues in mind and following our ethos we present to you:

Basic-ally Sui 2.0. 


We take pride in crafting outfits that are sustainable and eco-friendly.  The limelight of this season The trend of the season is to be eco-chic and not be afraid to repeat clothes which are good for you and good for our planet Earth. Let’s not live as if we have an alternate planet to move to, there is no planet B. Take care of what is ours, together. 

The magic of this collection is that we have used existing fabrics to craft outfits that can be worn at anytime and ensure comfortability and a smart look. We want to make sustainable fashion more easily accessible to people with this collection as it is not only wearable but also affordable. Create a capsule in your wardrobe for this collection and you will notice that you are always reaching out for these outfits because they will appeal in so many ways. 

The collection brings together classic pieces with a twist. It is the persona of a modern woman who is engaged in the activities around her and is profoundly in search for answers to deal with rising issues. The pieces are mostly free sizes and are made to order, which ensures that there is no wastage. The outfits are minimal and are created only from upcycled fabrics and green love, encompassing our always present need to create more sustainably. 


We are taking Basics to the next level, look out for these amazing seasonal solutions for all your apparel needs: 

1. New Neutrals 

We are loving our new neutrals: white, blue, pink and green. It’s simple, soothing, always in style and perfect for all!

This is The Patched dress (classic edition).

2. Layer Up

It’s the season of ever-changing weather, so be prepared through all of it. Layers add textures and dimensions, combining pieces that are timeless while allowing you to express your style effortlessly.

3. Live, Love, Leaf 

Our pieces are crafted in green love and adorned with nature-inspired motifs. Show off your green heart in with these intricate embroideries and eco-chic sayings.

This is our Green is Gold shirt.

4. Comfy Mantra

This edition brings comfort, versatility, and modern silhouettes. It is designed for the modern woman who seeks out the conscious option and looks for the greener way for a more sustainable future while building a classy wardrobe that will last her a lifetime.

5. Less is more

If there’s one trendlifestyle everyone needs to embrace with arms wide open, it has to be the #SlowFashion. This collection includes signature style dresses and relaxed tailored pieces that are handcrafted and are perfect for sunny brunches and sunset soirees.

This is our Be-leaf Me top & skirt.

Basic-ally Sui 2.0 aims to create a zero-waste generation through recycling and upcycling leftover fabrics to craft comfortable, sophisticated and classy pieces. This edition is crafted with green love, encompassing simple and extremely lightweight outfits, characterized by intricate embroidery, depicting nature and weaving a beautiful eco-friendly story. 

Be uniquely you, and continue to foster our green heart-ers community, as together we can make the change and walk towards the right movement for our planet.


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