Catch the Little Moments

If you have ever enjoyed reading a book indoors on a cozy evening or a perfect cup of tea while snuggling in the rainy season, you have experienced a perfect moment, you have had a flow-tastic moment, which is the beauty of this season.

Adapt a wonderful habit for life. Choose to make simple moments more beautiful, meaningful and special. This season, we choose to slow down, savour the little moments and live life in the present. We inspire you to pause, and recollect the times when you have experienced the moment and seen life just flow by. 


Here are simple ways to get you started on this delightful journey...

At Home:

  • Surround yourself with things you love.
  • Add some indoor greenery: We recommend to plant your own veggies or herbs and use them to prepare a meal for yourself and loved ones, share the green love.
  • Enjoy candlelit dinners: Remember to switch off your electronics when they are not in use – switch off your lights when you leave a room and, to take it a step further, you could also trade your traditional incandescent light bulbs for LEDs, CFLs or halogen light bulbs that use considerably less energy to power.
  • Decorate with twinkle lights.


In Food:

  • Warm drinks like hot chai, cocoa, some mulled wine.
  • Bake bread, cakes and cookies.
  • Soulful homemade soup.
  • Go Green: The production of meat releases a lot of harmful greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Take a green step and choose a day in the week, to be a vegetarian.
  • Reuse: Carry your own reusable water bottle and reusable coffee cups. Invest in metal straws that you can use repeatedly. This way you cut down on and avoid using single-use plastics that end up polluting our environment.



  • Have a potluck with friends.
  • Go on a walk or a hike: As it gets cooler, opt to walk to where you need to go if it’s close enough, if not even carpool with friends or taxi aggregators will be a green choice. 
  • Let loose and dance.
  • Immerse in a spa: Choose natural beauty, make your own facemask using all-natural ingredients. Some skin care products contain microbeads that pollute our environment. 
  • Plan games night!
  • Patch it up: If your clothes have torn, try sewing or patching it up so that it can stay with you for longer. You can also let us know if you ever need any green help with your clothing, we would love to show you how to make your clothes your friends for life.
  • Spend time basking in nature.
  • Live minimally: When you are out shopping for yourself, remember to consider if what you are buying is something you just want or absolutely need it – buy minimal where you can.
  • Leave from work on time (or even a little early!).
  • What you wear matters: Where fast fashion is easily accessible but a large polluter of our planet, we can all try to choose more consciously and instead invest in sustainable fashion. We are proud to use materials that are produced with minimal impact as well as using techniques done by hand to put together our pieces – we create as much as green love as possible.


Reflecting upon the moment gives his happiness and that is the beginning of gratitude. The more grateful you are the more present you become. With these small moments in mind, this season has never looked better. There is beauty in simplicity.

The ethos of our brand has always been centred on giving back to our planet and being conscious of our choices. Life is made up of moments, and while we create happiness bit by bit, let’s be thoughtful of our steps towards nature and keep these green and happy steps in mind. Take a genuine interest in the details of daily life, and you will discover magical things. 

The purpose of a fulfilling life is to live it, to taste experiences, to see the brilliance of sunset and to reach out eagerly everyday for these seconds.

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