Celebrating An All-Natural Diwali

Happiness is in the air, festivity is around the corner. It's Diwali everywhere...

The significance of Deepavali is the removal of ignorance of the mind, filling it with enlightenment and goodness for all. It is the festival of lights, ‘Deep’ means light, and ‘avali’ means a row, literally translating to “row of lights”. It is a time to reflect on life, make changes for the upcoming year with the lights of the diyas themselves signifying a time of inner illumination. 

Make this Diwali an eco-friendly one, and that goes beyond avoiding firecrackers. There are many ways in which we generate waste in the name of celebrating from the extensive use of single-use plastics for decoration and tableware to wastage of food and use of artificial colours for rangoli, just to name a few.

A festival implies having fun and enjoying togetherness and we can do that while also taking care of our ecosystems.

Here are 7 thoughtful ways to celebrate a green Diwali while being mindful and conscious of your actions:

1. No Crackers, let’s celebrate a pollution-free Diwali. Let’s be conscious of our actions and the amount of air and noise pollution we are creating in the name of celebration. Firecrackers are also terrifying for our four-legged pals. This Diwali, be sensitive and caring of others, and celebrate the true spirit of this festival.

2. Decorate your home with earthen lamps to build a beautiful vibe at home. These can be reused, unlike candles. If you are opting for electrical light, choose LED. 

3. Make natural rangoli to brighten your home. Turmeric powder, coffee powder, and kumkum can be used for yellow, brown & red colours. Incorporate flowers and leaves to add beauty and texture. Use rice powder and coloured rice for variations. These can be used in your compost after the celebrations are over.

4. Upcycle your home decor. Use decorations from previous festivals and reuse them to adorn your home. Get creative and make something unique which will also be memorable.

5. This day is also about new beginnings and reflecting on life. While you are celebrating with loved ones, it is always good to take out some time for the underprivileged and spread the love. 

6. Say no to single-use plastic, when you go shopping carry jute bags with you and opt for biodegradable cutlery for parties and get-togethers instead of plastic tableware. Do your bit for the environment this Diwali.

7. Choose gifts which are organic and sustainable. Gifts can be something simple, like a plant or you can browse through our own sustainably crafted pieces from dresses to jackets, earrings and headbands.

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This year, the lighted diya should not only brighten up your environment but also encourage an enlightened mindset, one that values our planet, it's creatures and the people around us. By making each day eco-friendly, we will move towards a better, greener future. What remains constant is the celebration of life, its enjoyment, and a sense of goodness.

So, continue to be a true green heart-er and share green love.

Happy Diwali!  

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