Don't Let It Go To Waste

Our green journey is always leading us to new ways we can be more sustainable and help us evolve and grow. We’re always looking towards a greener future and try to make sure we keep to our mission in all we do. From consistently utilizing a slow production process to making connections to build a green community, there are always new avenues for us to travel down and explore how we can be more conscious.

Besides our travel and nature-inspired collections, Sui also creates accessories. These aren’t just simply extra items we decided to create though; they were a way for us to be eco-conscious in how we deal with our waste. Unfortunately, our system isn’t perfect so fabric does fall to the workshop floor when we create our garments but this comes as a blessing in disguise, giving us an opportunity to rethink, reuse and upcycle. From hair bands to earrings, we’re able to recreate our waste into something new and give it a second life.


Upcycling itself has an enormous amount of potential in benefitting our environment. Not only is it just a fun way to reimagine old clothing, by repurposing items you already own, you also save things from being thrown into a landfill. You also end up buying less so less production is carried out. That means fewer carbon emissions, less air pollution and water pollution. We also end up saving natural, raw resources from overproduction. In the end, upcycling helps us manage to take the green steps we need to better the Earth.

Our new range of accessories uses waste left behind from one of our more recent collections, ‘Granita’. An ode to Italian summers, ‘Granita’ is a representation of all that we love about its sunny days and colourful coasts, with garments crafted in bright, vivid hues to match the carefree playfulness the summer brings. Each piece, like our clothing, champions the slow process. Our team of Sui threadspellers works together to produce earrings, hairbands and pouches all made from ‘Granita’ waste fabrics. Tahir cuts the fabric while each item can be made by anyone within our threadspeller team. For pieces that require hand stitching, two special ladies, Pinky and Asma, who have been with our company family for many years, are tasked with taking care of the small but important details to bring you beautifully and skillfully made accessories.

Our new accessories will be available online very soon so make sure to keep an eye out for announcements on our social media. For pre-orders, message our team on Instagram!

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