Flow: Chapter 4

"Catch the little moments, green heart-er"

Flow with nature, be present in all things, and grateful for each small moment. Slow down to breathe and flow as life flows.

We bring to you our latest winter edit: 'Flow', inspired by the greenery, sparkling ocean and great vibes experienced in Byron Bay. This chapter, we return to our roots and become aware of each moment, pressing pause to slow down to just be.

Our travels to Byron gifted us with a heart full of green and vital, incomparable experiences that taught us how important it is to be present in each moment and appreciate the little joys of life. This collection is an ode to new experiences and to the little elements of nature that flourish untouched.

Wherever you are, be all there…

Byron Bay is home to Australia’s most easterly point known for its spectacular beaches, unique dining experiences and vibrant community spirit. As you enter Byron you are welcomed with a sign that reads: “Cheer Up, Slow Down, Chill Out.” This is the essence of life which we tend to forget in our day to day activities and also the ethos behind Sui which we aim integrate in all our collections.

'Flow' for Sui means to create keeping nature in mind and taking inspiration from our travels. We got to fully understand this during our time spent in Byron, the place tends to light up your heart as you drive down to it. The city is filled with the most beautiful cafes, vintage shops, bustling bars, live music spots and of course the crystal clear blue water beaches! The city has an easy green vibe and plenty of sustainable initiatives, it has a green heart.

Behind the Bay

The collection is inspired by the bay, the places visited, the time spent and the memories created there. This edit is a slow, easy yet classic take on everyday basics. Relaxed silhouettes, earthy gilets, maxi dresses, chic trousers all inspired by the colors of nature and crafted with the slowness of the bay side. Each piece keeps versatility in mind, which means these can be worn on a busy working day yet be perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch. 

Our classics hemp & cotton fabrics remain the stars with additions of organic cotton fleece and new hemp blends. The colors are influenced by the beach side, the green comes from the immense of green beauty, the brown from the colors of the earth, the grey from rocks and the blue from the seaside. Our earthy colors, are herbal dyed with nature’s colors such as pomegranate, madder, iron earth & sea salt. Our green collaboration with NGO Pins and Needles carries on. 

The silhouettes are inspired by the vibe of the place – semi-boho yet classy. It is minimal and keeps the winter season in mind. There’s an emotion of flow, a sense of ease and a vibe of chill in all the silhouettes pushing to make sustainability comfortable yet chic. We have infused the laid-back culture, stunning beaches and the abundance of freshness of the bay into each garment. 

Our motifs bring forward little details of the bay which we cherish. The main ones of this season are the lighthouse, the sunsets, the walkway to the cafes & beaches and infinite greenery. Our motifs are drawn by hand and then machine & hand embroidered onto our green outfits by our talented threadspellers. Each embroidered element is curated by borrowing creativity from the bay.

Our outfits are alive with spirited messages such as “Green vibes”, “Certified Green hearter, “You had me at sun”, “Catch the little moments”, “Seek Adventure”, “Go-ing green” & “Got my own back”. As a Sui green promise, we create limited pieces with a minimal impact philosophy.


Here are some of our favourite pieces this season.

Green Vibes shirt



Crafted in hemp denim, this comfortable and relaxed shirt speaks green and proudly reads ‘Green Vibes’ that has been embroidered by hand. 



Going Green dress



Elegant asymmetrical dress crafted in herbal-dyed recycled fabric. This graceful dress come in a very natural and earthy colour paired with hand-embroidered nature motifs.



Sunshine dress



This breathable and smart dress is crafted in colour-blocked hemp and has our signature palm tree along with sunset motifs embroidered on it, inspired from evenings spent by the bay.



The Flow knit crop top



The perfect winter crop top crafted in handwoven hemp with beautiful and intricate hand embroidered nature motifs.



Easy Breezy dress (classic Flow edition)

Our all-time favourite asymmetrical dress made with green love in organic cotton and accentuated with hand-embroidered motifs.


If you want to live an amazing life, a truly abundant, happy life, make it a priority to live more in the present moment. After a slow summer, let’s indulge in the cosiness of winter and enjoy the simple moments of holding a hot cup of chai, listening to the rainfall, and immersing in deep conversations. We are always learning from nature, she doesn’t hurry yet she accomplishes it all. Similarly, the Sui woman is always on a mission to connect with the world around her and be mindful of her actions. Her clothes, as always, define her vibe, she is dressed for comfort & moves with style.   

She’s ready to flow.

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