For the green heart traveler: KēSa House

A few days into planning our Basic-ally Sui 2.0 shoot, we came across a beautiful location in the heart of Singapore: KēSa House. The picturesque accommodation fits right into our green ethos and aesthetics. Their concept is based on flexible living spaces, with a beautiful cafe downstairs and unique rooms based on the mood and experiences of world tripping travelers. And that isn't all, in every room and every corner of this beautiful living space lie little green messages reminding guests to conserve and protect the planet.

Located on one of our favorite streets in Singapore, KēSa House is a must-visit for the green heart traveler.

We spoke with their team to learn more about the space and why they believe travel and experiences today should have a green heart...

Tell us about the KēSa House journey and its inception?

KēSa House was fashioned for two reasons: to provide a solution for the latest generation of city living dwellers, and to add new energy to the Keong Saik neighborhood. It was designed to challenge the conventional 'hotel' experience, a new style of living where our guests can stay over or stop for a while, providing everything they need and nothing they don't, plus some of the city's best restaurants and bars at their doorstep.

Tell us a little more about the flexible living concept and why you believe it's getting more popular amongst millennials?

Flexible living in its simplest form combines comfort, freedom, convenience and value for the guests' needs; whether they are looking for a staycation to re-energize their love for the city in an iconic Singapore treasure, traveling into town for a short work and play trip, or looking for a longer solution. It's a concept that accommodates today;'s ever-changing and somewhat nomadic lifestyle, particularly among millennials who are thirsty for adventure and new connections.

We noticed the rooms have themes and are designed based on particular moods. We at Sui, love individualized design concepts and were curious to know more about the thought behind it?

All of our rooms have been named after their unique features, designed with rest and relaxation in mind, and cleverly constructed with smart space solutions and sustainable touches. There are rooms to suit all agendas and lengths of stay. Perched at the top of the property, the vaulted ceiling Sky rooms feature a perfectly placed skylight, a particularly unique feature for heritage properties. For those who want to 'stay awhile', the Entertain offers a larger room with a private outdoor terrace, the ultimate alfresco area for social gatherings. And the larger plan, Studios feature a fully equipped kitchenette and living area, a more smart alternative to the conventional serviced apartment and ideal for those renovating their space or in a transition period. Other options include Urban, which offers views of the iconic Keong Saik road, and Cozy, our rooms that are bitesize and value-driven but do not forgo the character and style of the KēSa House experience.

KēSa House is also social by design, with communal spaces for guests to mingle with other like-minded individuals, and shared facilities that provide the utilities and modern comforts of a home. The open, light-filled KēSa Lounge with sleek furnishing and multiple charging stations, is the ultimate alcove for the on-the-go guest to relax with a book or catch up emails. With two fully-equipped cooking stations and complimentary coffee from local caffeine heroes Sarnies, those with a culinary penchant can whip up a home-cooked breakfast or a simple dinner with friends in the KēSa Kitchen. The KēSa Terrace offers another social area to enjoy a sundowner, overlooking the peaceful, pedestrianized Duxton Plain Park. For guests staying long-term, a fully-equipped, complimentary in-house laundrette is open 24/7.

Seen here from our Basic-ally Sui 2.0 collection: our Earth Girl top & our Simply Green trousers.

We noticed the lovely botanical artwork around KēSa and loved it. Could you tell us a little more about the design ideas behind the space and why botanicals play a key part?

We wanted to create a tranquil but also beautiful place for guests to relax, so it felt right that nature formed the basis of our interior design ethos. We collaborated with the amazing Lucinda Law who artistically adorned our property from top to bottom with a botanical mural of Singaporean flora and fauna - bringing the outside in.

Seen here from our Basic-ally Sui 2.0 collection: The Patched dress (classic edition).

Why do you believe sustainability is an important aspect of building an experience-centric business?

Sustainability isn't a trend, it's a commitment, and our personal passion is the preservation of Singapore's eclectic shophouses, transforming them into new experiences to add value to the local community and reintegrating them into Singapore's modern landscape.

We are so glad to have had the opportunity to shoot our Basic-ally edit in your space, could you tell us a little more about the green initiatives you are taking as a company while also encouraging the travel to be conscious?

We believe small steps still make a big difference and encourage green efforts with 'select services' allowing guests to customize their housekeeping for more environmentally conscious stay, the reduction of plastic via Nordan water stations with bottomless refillable water bottles and by providing refillable toiletries from Ashley & Co as opposed to the standard one-use bottles commonly found at hotels.

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about KēSa House?

It's brought to you by a dynamic and expert team of creators, developers and service providers whose collective vision is to "transform Singapore stays." KēSa House is part of a growing accommodation group, 8M Collective. All of the properties we create are defined by stand-out architecture, prime locations and exceptional partnerships. Check them out at


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