Getting to know the Green Team

As we celebrate the strides SUI has made in the past 3 years, we also celebrate the people who made it what it is today! Today, we wanted to introduce you to some of our core team who tell you more about themselves so you can get to know them a little better.

The team are all green hearts themselves, everyday they try to encourage each other to practice what they preach by choosing and living consciously in their daily lives while also learning more and more about fashion’s role in climate action, constantly working to educate themselves to then be able to educate others through SUI.

Without further ado, here’s the team...

Shanthi Tikari, Content Manager and Marketing Assistant, 2 years at SUI

Anmol Arora, Graphic Designer and Content Creator, 7 months at SUI

Anukriti, Textile Designer, 19 months at SUI

Shalini, Junior Designer and Production Manager, 1 month at SUI

Kanishk, Marketing and Operations Manager, 10 Months at SUI

How would you describe yourself in 3 words/phrases?

SHANTHI: Adaptable, optimistic, cheerful

ANUKRITI: Honest, Creative, Flexible 

SHALINI: Loyal, Introvert, Punctual 

KANISHK: Empathetic, honest, inquisitive

How would you describe SUI in 3 words/phrases?

SHANTHI:Thoughtful, willing to learn, honest

ANUKRITI: Compassionate, Transparent, Reliable 

SHALINI: Colourful, Exploring, Conscious 

KANISHK: A change, meaningful, Idealist

Sandy beaches or wild forests?

SHANTHI: Sandy beaches, I’ll never get tired of being by the ocean.

ANMOL: Wild forests all day, everyday. Totally a mountain person.

ANUKRITI: Wild forests any day and everyday. Can spend my entire life in small cottage at top hill,

KANISHK: Beaches one year and Wild forest another.

What’s your favourite green space in the world?

SHANTHI: My mother’s backyard. Like many of the women in my life, she has always had a space for all her plants and is always taking moments to sit by her frangipanis and desert roses while she reads a book or has a cup of coffee. One day, I’m sure I’ll have my own sprawling garden just like hers.

ANMOL: All of Himachal & my terrace.

ANUKRITI: Himachal and any of the densely forested mountains. Huge grassland with a sky full of stars. 

SHALINI: My pg terrace as it has a lot of herbs and different plants which makes me happy to see them.

KANISHK: Really enjoyed the lush green fields of Punjab. They have the richness of both agriculture and horticulture. 

What is your most important ‘connection’ and is there a particular ‘connection’ that helped you through this difficult year?

SHANTHI: My connection to my family has been what’s kept me sane through the past year. Playing board games and having special dinner nights was the highlight of the lockdowns for me. My hobbies have also helped me keep balanced, particularly music. Taking a moment to myself usually means sitting down to play the guitar in the comfort of my own room and enjoying that me-time.

ANMOL: The most important connection I’ve developed is with me. It's been a long and fine process with a lot of growth, self-assessment & trying to understand the forthcoming. I'm still on that road and trying to build that connection even stronger with the passing of each day.

ANUKRITI: Greens around me, seeing my parents healthy, happy and safe plus the urge of being a better person everyday. Last year made me realise how important it is to connect with your inner self.

SHALINI: My most important connection would be my family and environment. Last year made me realize about the importance of your loved ones and the environmental impact on our daily life.

KANISHK: I believe my strongest connection has been practicing music, there are no limits to learning, keeps me curious, helps me develop patience and concentration. Always a stress reliever.

How’s your green journey going and do you have any particular green goals set for yourself?

SHANTHI: I’m still learning everyday and I’d say it’s going well. For many years, I have been dedicated to investing in reusable bottles, grocery bags, metal straws, and so on, all to avoid single-use plastics which I’m proud of. This year, I particularly have been trying to be more conscious of what I eat which has meant cutting down on the amount of meat I consume.

ANMOL: The green journey is everyday learning. I'm doing my little deeds such as switching the lights off very strictly. Using a cloth bag, saying no to plastics whenever I go out & buying less clothing, and rather investing in a homegrown sustainable fashion. 

ANUKRITI: Green journey is a process. I learn different steps and ways towards sustainability everyday.(green goals) - I just don’t believe in practising it by myself but also encouraging people around me to start taking small steps.

SHALINI: It's a start for me and many more things to learn about sustainable fashion, it's a long way to explore and see how we can be helpful in many different ways to think about our environment and do something about it.

KANISHK: The green journey for me is an everyday approach towards changing certain choices which would over a time create a positive change in the social environment and help maintain balance in the natural ecosystems. 

What words/mantra do you live by?

SHANTHI: Mine is just to simply always do your best.

ANUKRITI: Be honest to yourself and don’t do something just because you are tempted by the outcome, enjoy the process.

SHALINI: Trust the process.

KANISHK: Hustle, chill, sleep and repeat.

They also recently got together to chat about their experiences as part of the SUI team. Watch here:


We hope this helps connect you a little more to the people behind SUI, our aim is to always be transparent and forthright with who we are. We think it’s important that you know that the minds behind SUI care and love the planet as much as you do and work hard to make a greener world a reality. Let us know if you want to know more about us, we’re always happy to chat, but for now, stay green!

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