Heart of Sui: An Interview with Sui Threadspeller, Hanif

In our Parichay series, we are proud to let you get to know our team better and see how the passion to create sustainably runs through every single member. Our production team especially are a very important part of the process, they work diligently and with great care to make sure this passion is present in every garment.

For our second interview, we would like to introduce threadspeller and tailor, Mohammed Hanif.

Mohammed Hanif is 35 years old and has been with SUI from the very start, working as a tailor with us for almost two years. Apart from tailoring, he enjoys searching up Indian history on the Internet, learning all sorts of new facts, and he also loves his family, especially being a father. He is a proud dad of two, a daughter and a son that he recently welcomed into the family 4 months ago.

What inspired you to be a karigar (tailor)?

I grew up in a family of tailors so I had always had a passion for creating garments. They encouraged me to take up this work and I have been a tailor since 2013.

How do you feel about ethical fashion?

Working with SUI, I have found that respect between each of the team members is very important. We feel like we are appreciated by our co-workers and supervisors and everyone should have that, it makes working more enjoyable.

What has SUI taught you in your craft?

Under our Master, Tahir's, guidance, my finishing of outfits has improved a lot while I have been here. The experience overall has also taught me a lot in crafting garments, we have become better at saving fabric so that we do not waste and then are able to use it to make accessories.

Whare are three important skills you think are necessary for your role?

1. Fully understanding garment patterns.

2. Being accurate with the final fit of the garment.

3. Create a good finishing.

Are there any skills you would like to learn in the future?

I would like to learn how to cut the silhouettes so I can be able to fully create something from start to finish.

What is your favorite fabric to work with?

The Byron dress from the 'Flow' collection. It is a silhouette I have created a lot and I enjoy making it.

What is your favorite motif?

The flower and leaf embroidery for the Easy Breezy dress (Flow edition). It's nice and simple and compliments the dress well.

In everyday life, do you take any sustainable steps and how?

I do whenever I can. I usually travel by public transportation like when I come and go from work. I also am conscious of my electricity use and turn off things when they are not required.

Is there a message you would like to say to our green heart-ers?

We hope you like the work we do, we always try our best to create beautiful pieces and love when it is also appreciated by the people who wear them.

Thank you for getting to know another member of our green team. Check out our 1st interview with Hasan here and we can't wait to tell you more about us in the next installment!

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