Heart of Sui: An Interview with Sui Threadspeller, Hasan

Each member of Sui is dedicated towards making clothes with a green heart. Our threadspeller team especially deserve enormous credit for producing pieces in a sustainable way that minimises our impact while also making them extremely beautiful. Their hard work makes our green vision a reality and we love to acknowledge and recognise all the work they do.

We bring to you Parichay, translated "introduction" in Hindi, a series where you will get to know our team better and understand our mutual passion for protecting our environment and making clothes with minimal impact on nature. 

Namaste from one of our threadspellers, Hasan.

Mufeed Hasan is 27 years old, he had started working with Sue Mue, our parent company, three years ago but transitioned to Sui during inception two years back. He is seasoned in his craft and has a decade’s worth of experience. He loves stitching the most and watching an outfit gradually coming to life gives him immense satisfaction. Hasan is grateful for the experience he has gained at SUI.

In his life, his mother is his biggest motivation. He fondly remarks, “She is always looking after me and making sure I’m okay. I am also always learning from her, she is my inspiration.”

We sat down with Hasan to have a chat about his journey and experiences. Let’s get to know him better.

What initiated your journey as a tailor?

Stitching and tailoring was my passion from a very young age. It was my dream to work as a threadspeller. I moved from Sue Mue to Sui because the work and embroidery styles caught my interest and I wanted to try my hand at creating western outfits.

How do you feel about ethical fashion?

I love the working environment at Sui. They do their best to provide an ethical workplace for us, there is no unnecessary pressure, we are given leave when we request it and when it is needed for emergencies. We’re also recognised for our work, we feel well-represented and credited. Being in this sort of environment motivates me to continue working here, everyone should have this sort of fair work environment that I have.

What has SUI taught you in your craft?

I have got the opportunity to work on many different pieces at SUI, and with experience,  I have learned to create a better finished product each time.

What are the three important skills you think that are necessary for this role?

The three skills which I think are essential for my job are:

  1. Knowing every part of the machines that I use and how they function.
  2. Working with different kinds of fabrics.
  3. Understanding different kinds of sewing machines like the standard one & the interlocking one.

Which is your favourite outfit and from which collection?

I really like our signature Easy Breezy dresses. We have a few different versions of it from different collections, there’s one in ‘Granita’ and two in ‘Flow’, but I like the silhouette so I enjoy making all of them.

Check out our Easy Breezy dresses (from left to right): Granita editionFlow editionclassic Flow edition.

Which is your favourite fabric to work on?

My favourite fabric to create pieces with is organic cotton. It is easy to stitch and has a good finish. It is also easy to iron and also looks good after ironing as it doesn’t wrinkle as much as other fabrics.

Which is your favourite motif and how do you connect with it?

I like the embroidery on The Flow Knit crop top. I like the way the delicate, intricate, nature-inspired motifs look and the vibrant colours which have been used.

In everyday life do you take any sustainable steps and how?

Everyday, I try to make sure I use only as much water and electricity as I need to. In my village, we also like to plant a lot of trees and we nurture them ourselves - like watering and taking care of them daily.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little better and deepen our personal bond, we will be bringing you more information in the Parichay series. Stay tuned green heart-ers!

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