How to be a Conscious Consumer

"Look good while making the earth look good” 


A quote from Sui’s manifesto which we put together 2 years ago while we began our own journey into sustainability. It's easy to turn away from heartbreaking facts about our planet’s future but what if we told you that, little steps in the right direction – can help you contribute to a greener & fairer way forward.  

We at Sui truly believe that if we all come together, and take the right steps – we can help our beautiful world.  

Consciousness is a popular word with our team and while we constantly explore ways we can communicate this better. Being conscious of the things we purchase & own is one of the very first steps to take. Today we thought we’d help you with a few simple tips, that can help you get started in this journey -  


4 ways to be a conscious consumer: 

  • Explore what sustainability means and understand what human impact has done to our planet – awareness is key 
  • Find out more about how your shopping choices impact the planetRead about why avoiding fast fashion & all in all watching what we buy, is the greener way forward  
      2. HOW TO BUY (remember these points every time you buy to ensure you are doing it responsibly) 
    • Buy only what you need 
    • Buy local 
    • Buy secondhand 
    • Avoid buying completely if you don’t need anything – take care of the items you already have, upcycle/recycle 
    • Try to stay away from brands that employ fast fashion as much as possible 
        3. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON WHO YOU BUY FROM & READ THE LABEL– ask yourself this, do you know what the brand you are investing in stands for?  

             -Are they transparent in how they process and produce their products – who makes them and do they use sustainable methods? 

      • Are the materials they use sustainable or recycled? 
      • Do they give back and spread the sustainable word? 

          4.SHARE your progress  

      -Speak to your friends about your learnings 

      -Tell people what you’ve learnt, and how you encourage them to join in 




      By joining us in pushing for a green future, we can help spread the message further & push for fairer practices while working towards a greener path. Remember to keep these tips in mind whenever you shop. More power to you green heart-er.  

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