Nothing Compares to a Mother's Love

“my mother is pure radiance.

she is the sun i can touch and kiss

and hold without getting burnt.”

 Sanober Khan


Today is a special celebration to really appreciate the women in our lives who love us unconditionally and are always there to provide wisdom. Our mothers often pick us up when we fall down and want nothing more than for us to succeed in our lives, one day is not enough to fully show how much their love means to us but we will definitely try!

As a tribute to the lovely ladies who raised us, some of our own Sui team wanted to share a few quick words to show their love and later, we also share a few little green ways you can celebrate and spend the day with her.

Without further ado, here’s to our mothers.


Dear mum, love Pallavi...

Whenever I cook something and it doesn't turn out to be that great, my mom always helps me in improving it. And in the end, we usually have a yummy dish!!  Over the years I have realised that she always helps me in making things happen irrespective of the area of life. This really helps me stay hopeful even in difficult circumstances.


Dear mum, love Preeti...


It is my luck that I am with my mom while I am also a mother. She always provides consistently, supports me with whatever it is I am going through, whether it is good or bad. She has been with me throughout the laughter and the tears. She told me to live my life on my own terms, that my happiness counts. She is an amazing cook, my best friend and the most fun loving person I know. I have learned so many things from her, she is the strong pillar of my life. Thank you mom for never judging me, for always being my side and for loving me. Love you, my beautiful mumma.


Dear mum, love Anukriti…

One person whom we underestimate our entire life is our very own mom. Motherhood is what keeps us all going. My mother raised me with love, empathy, peace, strength to stand with right and speak against wrong. She has always been generous and supportive, somehow always managed to never lose hope in me. She's awfully narrow and particular but that's what makes her lovely.


Dear mum, love Shanthi…

My mother has always been one to support my dreams and goals no matter what it may be. Every interest I had growing up was encouraged, she’s never let me feel like I couldn’t do anything, just made me realise that hard work is what will get me there. It’s the best lifelong lesson she’s ever taught me. She’s always let me find my own way but was there if I ever needed help, and I can’t thank her enough for that.


Dear mum, love Kajol...



Dear mum, love Mahima...

I’ve lived away from home for over 4 years now, and Mom is still the most called person on my contact list. Whether it’s a question about cooking a dish, to how an outfit looks to a bad day - she’s there without question. My mom has supported me through many ups and downs, she’s been there as a friend and when needed as a mom. That’s what I love about her, we can joke around as friends and then we also share a close mom and daughter relationship. Many people don’t know that Mom is also my business partner, she’s helped me build Sui from ground up, and for that and much more I’ll be forever grateful. Mom has taught me that there’s no storm too big and no mountain too high, that it’s important to put emotion in the things we do and most importantly to pick ourselves up when we fall down. Ma, you know it already but we are so grateful for you.


And finally, here are a few things you can do for or with your mum to show her your love while also staying green along the way:

  • Something homemade always shows a lot of heart. Instead of going out to buy a generic card, why not make your own with your own specialised message inside. She will love the thought and effort put into it.
  • You could even take this further by hand making a gift as well. Upcycling is a great way to stay green and create something unique, you can use old fabrics from t-shirts or scarves to refashion into earrings. But if you're not too crafty or feel you wouldn’t be able to do a good job, you can check out our upcycled accessory line, ‘An Upcycled Story’, that offers up pieces like earrings, headbands, bookmarks and more!
  • Make a meal for her! Like most of our mothers, they are often doing all sorts of tasks for the family and this is a chance for you to let your mum have a nice rest and put her feet up while you create a wonderful meal for her and, to make this green, try to include little to no meat.
  • A little green gardening activity is a great way to do something together. Not only are you planting more green friends that help clean our air, contributing to a better environment for us all, you get to spend some time together and focus just on each other and the task at hand.
  • If you're sure what kind of green gift to offer, let her make the choice! You can give her a GREEN HEART GIFT CARD that will let her choose anything she wants on our Sui site.


Have a wonderful day green heart-ers, we hope it’s filled with love and laughter. Another way you can celebrate your mum is to send her this little e-postcard:

Share it on your social media if you’d like and tag us so we can also spread the love!

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