Our Sui Year!

"Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas."

― Charles Kettering

To celebrate the coming year, we want to take a look at the whirlwind year that's just gone by! It's been an eventful journey and we have loved growing along wth our green heart community and look forward to another year of learning and creating.

Let's begin with 'Granita'! Our Summer 2019 edit was one created with our love of the Italian coast at the center of our design inspiration. The lemon slushie and summer season itself encompasses the characteristics we wanted to radiate with our pieces: sweet, refreshing, carefree and relaxing. 

Celebrating our 1st birthday! In April, Sui officially turned one and invited all our green heart-ers to see 'Granita' in person and chat more about fashion sustainability. We all made green pledges to dedicate ourselves to creating a greener future and also held a herbal-dye workshop to briefly demonstrate how natural ingredients are used to dye clothing, a technique we use for 90% of our garments, the other 10% using azo-free dyes that are free from chemicals that could hurt our environment.

Our continued collaboration with ethical vendors! This year, we also were proud to continue working with WomenWeave (pictured below) and Pins and Needles, NGOs who support underprivileged women in the hand-looming and embroidery sectors respectively.

Upcycling more than ever! We also continued to upcycle accessories in new styles for our collection 'An Upcycled Story'. Using scrap fabrics from our previous collections, we released a summer edit (pictured on the left) earlier in the year and, just recently, a winter edit (pictured on the right) to celebrate the winter season and provide little green gifts for your loved ones.

Our Sui X Reefwatch collaboration! Our oceans are an important, integral part of our planet's ecosystem and it is the home of millions of creatures, which is why we wanted to join hands with ReefWatch marine conservation to support their endeavor to protect our oceans and educate as many as they can. And so, we created organic cotton t-shirts in which the proceeds went to their Ocean Arts Sundays program.

Creating accessible and wearable basics! We wanted to create a line of garments that are accessible to anyone, green heart-er or not. It's our way of encouraging more to choose sustainably crafted pieces that are classic and timeless, urging people to buy minimal to avoid waste. We introduced two edits this year, the first, Basic-ally Sui (1st and 2nd pictures on the left), is made up mostly of classic white staples and the second, Basic-ally Sui 2.0 (3rd and 4th on the right), containing more unique pieces with a twist.

Catching little moments with 'Flow'! Most recently, we launched our Winter 2019 edit, 'Flow', inspired by the slow, green vibes of Byron Bay, Australia. The town itself is a stark representation of a town that values green living from cafes that source organic and local to initiatives that help the nature around them thrive.

Winter sets for cozy comforts! And finally, to round off the year, and a first for Sui, we introduced our sweatshirt and jogger sets perfect to weather these colder days and nights. We launched 3 sets to be worn together or mixed and matched however you like because we want you to be able to do so to suit your very own unique style. These pieces are all crafted in organic cotton, available in white, grey and blush - which are herbal-dyed - and use ribs that are export surplus, meaning the material would have been thrown away if we had not implemented them in our designs.

Our photoshoot also introduced the wonderful women of Sui, the minds behind Sui. You can learn more about them in our blog post, 'One for the Winter: Our 'Flow' Holiday Capsule'.


It's certainly been a year to remember and we can't wait for a new one with more Sui moments. Happy holidays to everyone, our team wishes you a season of joy and celebration!

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