The Bay That Stole My Heart

Last week, we introduced you to our sweet winter edit, 'Flow', crafted with the memories of Byron Bay that left a stamp on our hearts back in the summer of 2018. The Bay's simple, slow aura, rich with music and art, bustling cafes and vibrant beaches, is the perfect backdrop to create a collection that is travel and nature-inspired, crafted while upholding our Sui green promise.

Our Founder Mahima, speaks about her experience curating Sui’s Chapter 4 and why Byron was the perfect muse:


With each chapter, we learn, we cherish, we grow and, most importantly, we look back and aim to do better. This adventure began with the aim to bring forward my love for nature-loving travel via clothing. Little did I know, my heart would dive deep into creating a positive story and my journey would open my eyes in ways I'd never imagined.

We have continually sought out to be a brand that has always committed itself to create positive stories or as we at Sui say it: always with a green heart. My journey to Byron left me in awe of how beautiful our world truly is. I experienced raw beauty, ease, gorgeous sunsets and a happy vibe and, in those moments, I slowed down and appreciated the now. This is when I knew that we had to curate a story around this beautiful little town. 

Byron Bay is the most eastward point of Australia surrounded by beautiful beaches and a gorgeous hilltop lighthouse at Cape Byron. It is a place that lights up your heart as you drive down to it, filled with the most beautiful cafes, vintage shops, bars, live music spots. Their beaches boast crystal clear blue waters, perfect for surfing or chasing waves. Here is where you can witness a beautiful sunrise and sunset that takes your breath away.

The walk from the main beach to the pass is another breathtaking experience, as you stand by and watch the waves and surfers go by. On the other side is Wategos beach, another quaint yet gorgeous spot. I remember on our last afternoon exploring the town, we walked from the main beach to the pass beneath the strong Australian sun, and as we reached a viewpoint, I ran up to witness blues like never I've before. We stood there for quite some time, soaking in nature at it’s finest and watched the surfers take joy in the swelling waves. Glorious little moments, that still makes my heart smile.

The city itself shines a green vibe, from the food to the sustainability initiatives around the town – it has a lot of green heart. Street music, art, green heart cafés and sustainable boutiques create an easy, carefree vibe that surrounds you as you walk around. Our days were spent grabbing coffees from street-side cafes in the morning, to spending time in the ocean, having brunch at green heart cafes, one of our favourites being Drip whom clearly spoke about where their food came from - a promise we resonate strongly with as we always try to be as transparent as we can be with how we make our clothes. The evenings were about catching the sunset at Cape Byron followed by a night in town enjoying live music. A typical day in Byron.

I visited Australia for the first time and was blown away how close its soul was to nature. Everywhere I went, the ease and the joy of spending time amongst the sea, a park, having just a walk in the open, made me truly enjoy every moment. Every space felt alive with overwhelming joy.

Marking my special experience in Byron was the drive up to the lighthouse during the sunset and this is why it has become a focus for our 'Flow' motifs. The colours of my trip, the surrounding nature and town landscape, became the inspiration behind our earthy, herbal colours of the season. 

Being a brand that puts nature at the forefront of everything, these experiences became a part of me and I took them back with me as we began to work on our Autumn/Winter edit. 7 months later, here we are. What began as a trip to Byron has grown into our beautiful winter edit. We have worked tirelessly to showcase a story that shares one simple message: to be present in all things and appreciate the small moments.

Each outfit carries a special little motif, which has always been Sui's way to communicate our green messages. This time around, we show you Byron and our green heart via our embroideries and the ease of the town via our silhouettes. No story is complete without a strong creative balance, we shot 'Flow' at a very special Air BnB in the outskirts of Delhi, true as we could be to our green ethos. As I always say, this is the labour of love of many green souls 💚 - from our fabric vendors to our herbal dyer, our designers, our threadspellers, our ops and our creative team!


Flow has pieces for every occasion, and colours that will light up your soul. Here are a few of my favourite outfits from our new edit and the spots they were inspired by. Your mini-guide to Byron and Sui:

The Byron dress

Inspired by the summer breeze and the streets of Byron Bay, we present our Byron dress. The embroideries hold motifs of the streetside plus the beachside greens. The leaves have been embroidered by Pins and Needles, our NGO partner. Fun, light and playful, wear this eco-chic dress to brunch or a weekend outing. 

Location inspiration: Dip Café, whose sustainability initiatives include mentioning their food suppliers.

Sea-Side dress

Inspired by the moments spent by the ocean in Byron, this breezy dress is crafted in the softest organic cotton and made for moments that make you smile and want to memorise every single one, including the smallest ones.

Location inspiration: Main Beach.

The Coast shirt

Inspired by the coast sidewalk to the lighthouse, a classic shirt and a wardrobe essential. This piece is timeless and versatile, able to be paired with everything and anything for a casual, carefree look.

Location inspiration: Cape Byron.

Going Green dress

Inspired by Byron's picturesque streets that specially helped us create the going green text that is hand-embroidered here on this garment. Herbal-dyed and crafted in recycled fabric, this asymmetrical piece encompasses our love of our Earth. 

Location inspiration: The streets of Byron's town.



All of these pieces are available here now, so make sure to check them out. There's so much more to see as well, get a look at the full collection that is made with a lot of green heart with love from the Sui team.

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