Upcycling: The Second Life Movement

At Sui, we like to reinvent and repurpose our leftover fabrics to craft something beautiful, useful and meaningful. The fashion industry is frequently called out for being one of the largest polluters globally, we have discussed it's many downfalls in our article, A Thread of Hope. Collective awareness of the negative impacts of the fashion industry is making eco-conscious brands and consumers look for alternative solutions. This is giving new rise to upcycled garments and accessories, which not only contributes to guilt-free sustainable shopping but also builds a sense of connection. The word 'upcycle' first began being used in the 90s as people started to become more aware of environmental damage caused by industry. The emphasis was on giving items a new life versus throwing them away.

Upcycling has been a part of Sui from our inception. It is another form of recycling where existing materials are reused which would have otherwise been discarded. At Sui, we consciously repurpose fabric scraps for usage in designs, tags, accessories, packing bags and so much more. The value-added benefits that are gained from upcycling are immense, hence it is the biggest game-changer in the sustainable fashion industry. For instance, approximately 3 to 4 pounds of our carbon footprint can be saved for every one pound of clothing that is not dumped.

In our pursuit to create beautiful pieces and reduce waste at every step, we continuously add products to our Upcycled Story. This season we have introduced some new accessories and other useful knick-knacks you can check out now. Recent additions include earphone holders, phone cases and bookmarks. All these pieces are crafted uniquely with little designs of green love and make the perfect sustainable holiday gift.

We have also brought together some new pieces of earrings, which are one-of-a-kind and contemporary headbands. All the items have been crafted with nature as an inspiration so you can pair them with your outfits to add color, happiness and a little green statement.

Upcycling and more: do your bit!

Why is upcycling a great way to recycle?

There is a stark difference between upcycling and recycling. Recycling merely reuses a product whereas upcycling goes one step beyond, It is the process of old things that have been modified slightly to make it more desirable using a little bit of imagination. Upcycling has environmental, social, and economic benefits. It is the catalyst for reducing waste, increasing creativity and creating safer work environments:

Everyone has clothes in their wardrobes that they don't wear anymore but you can still make use of these garments. Here are some ideas that you can adopt to recycle your outfits and not contribute to growing landfills.

1. Make do & mend: Repair clothes if you have a stain, a rip, broken zip, or poor fitting. Try your hand at sewing or else we are always here to help. Call us and fix up an appointment so we can repair a piece for you.

2. Repurpose: Unwanted clothes and textiles can be transformed into many new things. Get creative and get yourself unique cushion covers, blankets, bags, or toys.

3. Clothes swap: Arrange a clothes-swap session with your friends, family, and even neighborhood! Such events are a good place to replace or donate your clothes and encourage others to do the same.

4. Charity: Donate your clothes to local thrift stores or NGOs so they can be used by those in need.

5. Reimagine: Get original with DIY and craft new pieces using old clothes yourself. You may surprise yourself with a beautiful dress crafted from an old t-shirt.

At Sui, upcycling is another creative tool for us where we can reimagine fabrics and give them a second life. Our minimal and delicate creations of accessories male for lovely and simple gifts for family, friends, and every green heart-er in-between.

It is the season to spread cheer and do good and with these sustainable gift options, you can accomplish both!

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