Wear Clothes That Matter

"Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them will."

― Anna Klein

The recent trend shows us that consumer goods, like food and medicines, are increasing in price over time, whereas clothes are becoming cheaper. Clothes are now available at a price less than a cup of coffee, and that is a bad sign.

Lower prices in fast fashion are mainly due to cheaper materials like using polyester and overseas production where labor is cheap. Unfortunately, cheap clothing has adverse effects on people and the planet.

Did you know?

Poorly created products and everchanging, new styles are taking a toll on the environment. On average, people bought 60% more garments in 2014 than they did in 2000, and fashion production contributes to 10% of all carbon emissions, dries up water sources, pollutes rivers and oceans. Moreover, 85% of all textiles are dumped each year into landfills! The equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every year.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

The alternative to buying more is buying better. Invest in clothes that are of greater quality and last longer. Conscious fashion brands are crafting clothes with eco-friendly fabrics, using natural dyes and paying workers fair wages. All these added costs are passed on to that of the garment, but if you shop better, you can afford to spend more on each garment that is created in better quality, is good for the skin and the environment.

Seek Products That Respect Nature

Choose clothes that are crafted in natural, herbal dyes. The colors are acquired from plants, flowers, and vegetables and are safe to use, containing no toxic chemicals, resulting in clothing exhibiting beautiful shades of nature.

At Sui, we have partnered with other green brands that believe in keeping the planet first throughout the process like Truetone Ink who herbal-dye 90% of our garments.

Making Use of Waste

Eco-conscious products also engage in the recycling and reuse of clothes and fabrics, which eliminates waste and creates handy and unique pieces. Keeping this in mind, we regularly launch 'Basic-ally Sui' and 'An Upcycled Story' collections where the edits contain pieces all crafted using recycled fabrics and are priced reasonably making sustainable clothes accessible for all.

Transparency & Fair Trade

Our garments are only as good as we make them, so it is without question that we treat those who make them with the respect they have a right to, which is through good, safe, clean work environments and fair wages. Supporting conscious brands and investing in their garments can assure you that those who made them are treated well.

At Sui, all our skilled threadspellers are ensured these rights and we also align ourselves with NGOs such as WomenWeave and Pins and Needles who also make it their mission to support and uplift underprivileged communities by creating ethical workplaces for them.


Buying better and caring for our clothes is a key step to pushing towards a greener and healthier planet. Join us at Sui and help us spread our green heart mission.

Choose well. Choose green. Embrace slow.

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